17 Leaf with OPENEVSE not detected after 1yr


It appears that you are using the level 2 charger and the level 2’s appear to be the only ones detected so far. I’m wondering if you’ve tried another brand of charger?
I compared your waveform to the Tesla and BMW in the community library and while there is a little similarity with one, there isn’t with the other. The resemblance was with the BMW.
I’m not sure how many have been detected but I’ve read a lot on here about the Clipper Creak brand.

The EVSE really shouldn’t make much of a difference (other than L1 vs L2). The hardware there is pretty simple.

@heyyou64 I’d suggest writing into Support, though sometimes certain devices just can’t be found for various reasons. https://www.sense.com/contact

Will do… thanks

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