240V Sensors

Waiting for Sense to detect my 240V Oven or Dryer is a fool’s folly.

Even though one cannot use any 240V Sensor with Sense without jumping through hoops and emulation to make it work properly, has anyone successfully used either the 1) 40 Amp Aeon Labs Aeotec ZW078A Heavy Duty Smart Switch Z-Wave Plus Home Security ON/Off Controller with Electricity Consumption & Monitoring or the 2) 40 Amp GE/Jasco Z-Wave Direct-Wire Outdoor/Indoor Smart Switch?

Longshot, anyone used both or compared them? The GE/Jasco is about 50% more expensive.

Comments on either or any other brands being used?

I use the Aeotec on my dryer to get alerts through Hubitat. One day I want to setup HA and use the emulated kasa to get the data into Sense, but it’s a low priority project.