60W Incandescent Bulbs Discovered

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I got a new detection that Sense named Light 1.
I haven’t been able to catch it on yet and this would be the first detection of a light in my home except for the fridge/freezer lights.
The waveform doesn’t appear like a light to me as its doesn’t have a smooth top to it. It’s very choppy and then smooths out. It’s using approximately 120 watts.image

I wouldn’t hold your breath on the choppy part, I’ve seen it appear that way from ‘bleed off’ of another device running. Also, when it goes flat at the end is what I’ve taken as Sense taking the easy way out and just displaying the average wattage from the model until it sees it shut off. Quite a few of my devices will flatline after a certain amount of runtime and not show wattage variance. Not sure if it’s because a new process just came online and needs the monitors full attention or what…?

120w sounds like a pair of 60w lights in a fixture, keep that in mind. Whats the usage screen look like?

The only light fixture I have that is close is actually three 4’ fluorescent dual bulb fixtures that I just recently changed out the fluorescent tubes with direct wire LED tubes. When I check usage and history, it shows history back to the beginning of February and up through the 7th of this month. The bulbs were changed about 2 weeks ago so I don’t think those lights are it. Plus, when I cycle them it shows as other. Almost all our bulbs are LED now except some small ones in sewing machines and the whopping 256 watt fridge and freezer bulbs that are already detected.
When I look at othe waveforms, your right, they are all smooth on top.
Here are the stats

Average run time is quite long, unless it’s not tracking the light well (not seeing the off signature.) I wouldn’t focus on just lights, I’ve had detections come as lights and be something completely different.

Make sure your house is electrically ‘quiet’ when searching for this load, it could be missed pretty easily if there’s a lot of activity. Example, a small pump that I manually engage is detected EVERY TIME the house is ‘quiet’ but missed every time there’s a decent amount going on.


I do have a hint to work from. I went and looked at the days this was showing “on” for the entire day and compared it to the days with shorter use.
When it was on constantly it was several consecutive days that I was in the hospital and not home. The day I got home it was not used at all and the following day only an hour or so. It hasn’t shown up since. Of course when I ask if they did anything different, nobody remembers or thinks so.
It at least gives me something to work with. Like maybe it’s something I usually take care of doing my rounds at night.

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Flood lights perhaps? When we accidentally leave those on overnight they do impact our power consumption and osme banks of lights do draw quite a bit of power

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No floods here. I have a bubble showing it’s on now but the house is lit like a Christmas tree. The heat is off and we are currently using over 10,000 watts, yikes! Very noisy evening electricity wise.
Dishwasher, washer, dryer, oven and water heater are all on at the same time and smaller appliances too.
I’ve run around pausing cycles and flipping switches again but still on the hunt.

You were correct!
The bulbs got changed by another member of the house and they used incandescent bulbs. Two 60’s it is, installed in the living room fan fixture.


SWEET, good guess ehhh? :slight_smile:

Excellent educated guess @samheidie

I didn’t even think I had any left old type bulbs in the house and you found them. They got changed weeks ago without my knowledge because I never use that light. I’ve got the lamps on WiFi bulbs so I can speak them on and off. That’s why I did t see it sooner. They must have turned that light on and left it on while I was away in the hospital for week to feel safer. I’ll have to get those changed back to my favorite LEDS. The wife doesn’t like the ones I buy as I like the daylight 4000-5000 kelvin and she likes the 3000 soft white with the slightly yellow, Warmer glow. She probably didn’t tell me because she wanted the bulbs she uses more to appeal to her eye more.

You gotta compromise on the wavelength mix/temperature. You get your LEDs, she gets the temperature she wants, at least for her rooms :wink:


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