Unknown Heating Device

I’ve had this Heating Device detected by Sense for a couple of months and I can’t figure out what it is…It seems to run for about 20 minutes at a consistent 660 watts. I thought it might be my dishwasher, but I turned it off mid cycle and it stayed on according to Sense, so I don’t think that’s it.

Got a picture of the profile?

Sure. I am starting to think it is my dishwasher. Is it possible if I powered it off though (even at the breaker) is it possible it’s actually still drawing power?
I was wrong, it ran on Monday for almost 2 hours.

Doesn’t sound much like a dishwasher, and if you shut the breaker off it shouldn’t be drawing any power :slight_smile:

Can you scale it out a bunch so we can see the entire wave form?

What worries me about flatlines like that is that Sense occasionally sees a real device turn on, but doesn’t accurately detect when it shuts off - and you get a long standing flat line like you see there. I’ve seen it with my fridge and a CFL tube light.

Thanks. Not much to See as it’s a flat 660 watts the entire time…

Ooh - gotcha. So in my limited experience, most heating elements (dishwasher, dryer, stove burners) have a profile like this:

If yours is consistently a flat line when it comes on, and goes for an hour or more, my guess would be a false detection, or a cluster of incandescent lights. Do you have a group of lights (6-10) that come on in unison?

My laundry light isn’t detected every time it comes on, which made it hard to track down, but I noticed it only came on during the day and was on for a minute at a time… Our laundry light is on a 1min timer, but it still took me a while to identify :slight_smile:

Here’s a picture of my fridge flatlining after failing to detect a shutoff:

And here’s a picture of the laundry room light getting hung up:

Thanks. The difference with mine is, it always stays at 660 and never moves. I don’t believe it’s any series of lights.

How often does it come on?

Not often. This week, twice on Monday and Wednesday but before that it was a good 8 days or so. Sense might still be learning about it.

The defroster element in my fridge’s freezer compartment comes on usually twice a day and uses an average of 244 watts. The average runtime is 11 minutes 53 seconds. Mine is only a 10.5 cu. ft. fridge so I could see a larger one drawing more power and/or running longer. Trace below.

I’ve noticed this kicks on when I go to charge my Tesla Model S every once in awhile which charges on a dedicated circuit that use a NE14-50 plug. However, when I stop charging the car, it doesn’t stop the device in Sense from showing power. I am not sure what this means, but figured I would mention it.

I have notice curling irons, and other hair irons etc show up as heat. See if this helps as each of my girls have their own and each shows up differently

Just to add my $.05 worth, the ice maker on my fridge was detected as “unknown heater”. took me a while to figure it out but maybe worth looking at as well although 660 Watts may be a bit much for an ice maker but my point is, don’t only look at heating elements.

Thanks. I ruled out the ice maker already. It seems to come on a lot when my Tesla is charging.