A new comers log



Just installed my sense Wednesday (12/26/2018). For someone that doesn’t particularly like being in my breaker box. it wasn’t too difficult. My only problem was I waited too long after install to connect to app (you have 15 minutes) so it would not connect. Turned breaker off and on and got sense"s “OK” beep and it then connected. Sense went into it learn mode.

It has been almost 48 hours since install. I know I’m an inpatient person, but so far I’m not too impressed. Sense has identified (all at the same time) 3 devices: heat 1, heat 2 and heat 3. Only heat 3 shows usage and I know they are not “heat”, but I have no idea what they really are.

3rd day. I identified device “heat 3” as my AQUARIUM HEATER, sense has deleted “heat one” and sense has identified and labeled correctly (1st time) my COFFEE MAKER.Good progress!

4th day, 3 more devices identified: fridge, furnace and sump pump.I think they are correct.

Day 5: no new devices. Not sure “furnace” is working correctly. Sense shows it going off while blower is still on.

Day 6: found garage door opener.

Day 7 found microwave and 2 other devices that I had previously deleted. Heat 1 and sump pump. Not sure if they are monitoring correctly. After one week a total of 8 devices discovered; 6 of which I think are performing correctly and 2 I still have questions about.

Day 8: nothing new. My 2 concerns/questions are: My sump pump sens a lot of false of/on messages (but at least does’t show any electrical usage) and my heat 1 (found twice after I deleted it once) does not show it ever used any electric.

Day 9 nothing added

Day 10…Chest freezer and Bathroom light.

Day 11 Sense cannot tell the difference between my coffee maker and my fry daddy.

Day 12 Nothing new.

Day 13 Sense identified 4 more devises that I have absolutely no idea what they are and they don’t appear to be on enough that I can identify what they really are. Heat 2, 4 and 5, also furnace 2.

Day 14 Added "device 1’ and “heat 8”.

!/11/2019 (lost track of days) Sense has found my laser printer. I found “devise 1” and the various "heats’ are all connected with my electric range (burners and stove).

01/13/19 Sure hope this thing gets smarter. It has a tendency to call an electrical use one thing now and the same usage will be something else the next time. It even, at times, combines “other” with a defined source.

!/16/19 Just sent in a problem report to Sense. I was trying to track down my “always on” usage so I (one by one) turned off all my circuit breakers but one (WiFi). I was monitoring the device screen and nothing changed (same usage on 3 devices). I switched to the “now” screen ant there the usage had been reduced to 54 watts while at the same time the “devise” screen still showed a usage of approximately 450 watts. It seems strange that one screen shows what is apparently the correct usage while another screen is even close.


Glad to see you here as well as Facebook (I’m also that guy :grinning:)

This actually looks pretty good for 11 days in!


That’s incredible detection for 11 days in.

As for false detections on some things (such as your well pump you mentioned), just leave it be - it’s been my experience that as sense continues to observe and learn, those sorts of issues do start to eliminate themselves. I had a few devices that used to false trigger and they seem to have sorted themselves out.

As for your mystery “heat” items, yes, sometimes a little sleuthing is needed to determine exactly what an item may be, but I consider that part of the fun. :wink:


Yeah that is really good for 11 days. As far as your “Heat” devices go, they can range from a wide variety of things, such as Stove top burners, to Refrigerator ice cube maker heating element to loosen the icecubes, etc. I had to do some puzzling to get my devices named correctly when they were detected and I still have 2 that I have no idea what they really are. One of them only turns on for 2 seconds every day apparently.