A.O. Smith/Century Whole House Fan - malfunctioning / blocked airflow

Make: A.O. Smith/Century
Model: DL1036 1/3 HP

How identified: Sense Identification - Heat 3 - Not identified as a motor

Additional Comments:
Two speed switch in the landing below the attic where it is installed. In the winter it has insulation on top of it and there is on/off switch in the attic to toggle to off so that if someone hits the switch in the hall it won’t come on, but that switch only shuts off one of the interior switches. The other switch in the house was in the high speed position. Likely the cycling was the thermal protection in the motor cutting in and out as the windings overheated due to the locked rotor.

More details here:

Power Specs: 1/3 HP, 1075 RPM, 3 Speed, 115 Volts, 4.9 Amps

Detailed View:

Daily View:

Waveform Source: Device Power Meter

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