A trends pie chart of devices

In the devices tab it breaks down the usage of individual devices. You can see % of monthly use as well as usage by day, week, month, year, bill.
I would love to see another tab somewhere that takes all that existing information and puts it into a simple pie chart.
The pieces of the pie would be all the individual devices, other, always on.
You could select by hr, day, week, month, year bill.

A breakdown of the totals making it so much easier to see which individual devices are power hogs.
A great format to print and show others in the house without having to go through each individual device.
Great for educating kids (and adults) in a way they can understand.

@obscuredtrip I recognize this doesn’t accommodate your request, but I figured I’d share that you can do this manually with the help of the Data Export tool in the web app (home.sense.com).

  1. Select the given time frame from on the Trends page, export a .csv of data
  2. Drop the data into a Google Sheets document (remove the first row with the description text)
  3. Open Google Data Studio and select your Google Sheet spreadsheet from Step 2 as the data source
  4. Select a “Pie Chart” from the available chart options in the top-right of the screen
  5. For Dimension, select “Name”. For Metric, select “Avg. Wattage”
  6. “Add a filter” to exclude the “Name” “Total Usage” from the graph

Below is what you’d see using my house as an example.


Thanks for sharing that! Very similar to what I was looking for.
I’ve never dabbled in data manipulation so this is a new world for me.
Now I need to find a way to automate the process.

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This shouldn’t be too hard to automate. Let me know what you find.