AC condenser found week two

Excited to see that Sense found my Carrier Condenser today! I am guessing that the constant on and of here and FL was key to it being detected so fast. Our AC next to our pool pump is our biggest energy hog.


I’m about another month away from air conditioning weather, and looking forward to a re-dection of summer season devices in NE Ohio!

Time for a variable speed pool pump. I replaced my single speed pump and it was a huge savings.


Yeah we have a Pentair VS pump and it’s great at sipping angry pixies! But based on what I have read on the forum I am not optimistic on its detection anytime soon.


I’ve had my Pentair VS installed for a year now and it’s not been found. Don’t ever expect it to either. Sense found my old single speed pump pretty quickly.

On the subject of Pool pumps. Has anyone had any success with Solar powered versions? If so, which brands? My brother has a pool and I think that he could save some money if he could convert his to solar.

I am not sure if they are as useless as solar powered lights or if they need a bucket load of batteries to support decent operation.

It’s really surprising how much water 1kWh can lift assuming, say, 50% pump efficiency:

24ft round pool, 4ft deep = 13,593 gallons

If I have my interweb math correct, you can raise the entire pool of water by 11ft 9in.

That makes space heating with electricity seem even more ridiculous.

I’ve not seen any installed around me, but from what I’ve researched they could be of value. They take about three solar panels and the pump runs when there’s sun. No batteries required.

I have a solar system and my pump runs while they are producing power. I just use a timer to turn the pump on and off while the sun is out.

Thanks Ken,
My brother has a 7Kw, 3 phase system(not in the US) and roof solar pool heating. His solar only does about 1/4 of his bill(It may be a little more now that he convert one hot water heater from electric to gas). He only uses the pool for 8 months of the year. I think that he may have been better off using more of the roof for solar panels and using a heat pump to heat the pool(It only gets down to 40F, at night, in Winter, where he lives). He could have used the solar to power more things that way.
He has a small gazebo that he could put a few panels on to run the pool pump.

I agree, more solar panels would be more beneficial than pool heating. I am not a fan of pool panels. If he has gas then maybe a gas pool heater. That’s what I have.

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