Add Hue Support where Amazon Echo Show 2 is Hub

As the title says. It would be nice to have Sense recognize Hue devices when the Echo Show 2 is the Hub. A second request would be to support TP-Link HS105 Smart Plug

HS105s don’t do power monitoring, just on-off control, I believe. That puts them outside of Sense’s current criteria for smartplug integration.

@billsspammail, I think your request is/(will be) one of many (future) such wishes. While what @kevin1 points out is undoubtedly the case, your request has me wondering:

  • Current and future integrations of switched smartplugs (that do energy monitoring) and switched Hue bulbs (i.e. you can switch/dim Hue lights in the Sense UI) transitions those of us who use Sense a lot to use the UI to switch things on & off. Personally, I don’t use the Hue interface at all these days. Likewise, the Kasa & Wemo apps I just invoke to modify names and whatnot vs. using the switching functions.

  • How many Sense users know that you can press-hold a smartpluged-Bubble and switch things off from there? (It’s something I discovered rather than read about actually). Shouldn’t a Bubble indicate it’s switchable? (There’s a nice UI mod to be thunk for that).

  • Should there be a more switch/dim-friendly interface? Now > Bubbles (with more obvious switches); or better, Now > Switches (then you can also switching things ON in same UI)? At minimum you might want “Just show me what Devices (in the Device interface) are ON”. I find myself scrolling through devices. Sort by on/off?

  • Always On: If it were collapsable in the Devices interface it would help the switching action.

  • Grouping or graphic indication of smartplugs that are actually one of 6 on an HS300 (and future power strips) would go some way to avoid confusion regarding: “Where do I switch off the whole strip? Where is that button?”

CAVEAT VIDENTIUM: Sense is not going to become something like HomeKit … how deep does one want to burrow into any given interface?