Add new “minisplit” category under the heating and / or cooling options


Hi there,

I’m new to sense but I think it found our minisplit in the family room. However, the only options to label it are heat pump under the heat category. Would it be possible to add an option for a minisplit label for a unit that operates as a heat pump in the winter and AC in the summer?


I found myself wanting for something slightly different. I have an air handler that operates frequently in circulation mode, but which uses a high efficiency heat pump and coil ONLY in heat/cool/dehumidify mode. The categories don’t include much more than “furnace” but really i just want to know when the air handler is operating.

Not that there shouldn’t be a “mini-split” label, but isn’t that more of a branding thing? All heat pumps operate like that, don’t they? The common technology name for a mini-split is simply a “ductless heat pump”.