New Category for HEAT PUMP


We currently have to use “heat” for the category for heat pump or “cooling”. Neither of this is accurate. A heat pump supplies both based on season or ambient indoor temperature.
Mine is set to category “heat” to name it “heat pump”. On the stats page, the calculation is going to be way off on the top line where it estimates cost based on “last season”. For a heat pump, the season is the entire year. When it comes to summer, what is my cost for last season going to look like since I don’t have a separate “A/C”?



Agreed, need more devices under HVAC in general. I don’t think the list gets touched a whole lot but maybe they don’t get too many requests.



I agree that HVAC needs an expansion. While I have a forced air heat pump, there are many that have a hybrid system using forced air, a compressor and geothermal wells and pumps.
Another couple pet peeves for me is “fridge” being the only choice for what I know as a “refrigerator”
And “washer” for what is a “washing machine”.