Advice on deleting a water heater or not

My water heater was the first detected device and has been accurate
for timeline and notifications.
The problem is this month old heater had to be replaced today due to the
tank being defective. I wired the legs up exactly the same and it’s the
identical model but now isn’t showing as water heater. It under “other”.
Should I give it time to correct itself or will it?
My thought is to delete the water heater and let it be detected all over
Any advice?

I would probably delete the water heater yeah and let it be detected all over. There’s likely a difference in the signature, so even if it redetects it, the only advantage you’d have for leaving the current one around is so you can merge them, but since you don’t have a lot of data yet due to your new install it may not be worth it.

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I took your advice and deleted it. If I wait then I tend to overthink
things nd make it into a problem when its not.
It was my first device so it shouldn’t take long for rediscovery.
I think your right about the signature. Amazing there could be
enough of a difference

FWIW, don’t be surprised to see the old water heater pop up again as a new device. When we replaced our refrigerator I deleted the old one and inside a few days it popped up again. It took another time after that, a few weeks later if I recall correctly, for the deletion to stick

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the deletion stuck right away but the space heater I had tried about 20
times to rename only stuck after I did the renaming with the it off.
I hope it picks it back up really fast, I don’t like going backwards but
i’m not complaining. The device detection has been nothing short of amazing
for me. Still at 15, today is Monday the 28th and was installed Tuesday the

Yeah that is very good device detection. I don’t think I have 15 natively detected devices yet. I have lots of bubbles, but mostly due to the Philips Hue (I have 20+ bulbs) and TP-Link integrations (I have 12 of those)

Do you think the TP-Link and Hue make a difference in detection speed and accuracy?
Is one brand or system better than the others?
Where i’m starting out it would be nice to not waste what little money
I have to work with on ones that do so well.

For smart plugs there was a really good thread on that. The general consensus was tplink hs110 was better for the price and that it remains the on/off state after power loss. Important for the “mission critical” things like wifi… Or a fridge.

For lights hue is expensive, but the only thing currently integrated with sense. My preference is smart switches over bulbs for a number of reasons, cost and reliability are top of that.

Go with the TP-Link hardware, trust me.

I own a lot of Wemo hardware as I was an early adopter, and then once in the ecosystem, I kept building it. Now I regret it, the service and even the hardware (like my $100 dimmer wall switch) is unreliable, and the software laggy and buggy.

I actually have an amazon parcel arriving today with more TPLink hardware to replace some of the wonky Wemo stuff.

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