Water heater replacement... Thinks new one is old


My water heater failed on Sunday, I replaced it last night with a hybrid (heat pump & electric elements). To my surprise when I turned on the new water heater, sense immediately said my water heater was running. So the electric elements must be similar.

My question. Since the water heater is new/different should I delete my old water heater from Sense and let it discover my new one? Or do I leave it go and see if it also finds the heat pump cycle of the heater then I can merge the devices?



I’d leave it and see what happens :slight_smile:


I replaced mine too with a HPWH, but so far Sense hasn’t discovered it. I have it set to run only in heat pump mode, so it probably looks more like an AC or refrigerator, except in two years Sense still hasn’t discovered my fridge.