Sense helped me identify a failing water heater


Background: 12+ year old water heater with some fouling on the pipes, no leaking. No problems until we recently noticed some knocking in the morning.

I noticed the other day that detection was abnormal - it was calling the water heater the toaster or the stove or something, and I assumed it was just an occasional mix-up. This morning I looked at the signature and something was definitely amiss:

Thursday morning:

Friday morning:

This morning:

The plumber luckily had time today to take care of it. Looking forward to Sense finding the new heater (and the old one for several months, of course :wink:)


As a follow up, sense immediately recognized the new water heater as the old one - the signatures must match pretty well :slight_smile:


I installed a new washer and dryer yesterday. It immediately picked up the heating element in the dryer with the existing dryer device, but not the washer


Thanks for sharing!