Split device at point in time

Here’s a good one: We just upgraded our old ‘dumb’ electric water heater in to a hybrid one and Sense ‘thinks’ the heating element in the new one is the same as the old one.

What I’d like to do is split the device on the date we swapped them, so I can then merge newer one with the heat pump element (which it has also detected) and get a ‘true’ view of the change in usage.

Advice in this thread still holds

Are you using the resistive element mode in the heater because you need the faster temperature rise? Or a winter location where you don’t want it sucking heat from your house? Ideally you’d deactivate the element and just run in heat pump mode anyway. i.e. no old and new conflation.

I suspect Sense will struggle with reliably tracking the heat pump so if you have a Flex DCM it’s a good application.