Air Conditioner found in a few weeks

MachoDrone’s AC was found in a few weeks.
Thanks, Sense!

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Hopefully it doesn’t then disappear without notice as half of my AC components did. :weary: I’m still waiting for those to come back weeks later.

I just replaced my old guzzler with a variable speed a couple weeks ago and no detection yet. Wondering if it ever will because of too many speeds it might run at. It does have the fancy wi-fi thermostat… so maybe.
I have noticed Sense has an easier time with new appliances, so I’m not giving up yet. Would be nice though - I really want to see how much more efficient it is than my old one.

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MachoDrone’s just bragging :wink:

I think you and I may have a long wait; I have the same type AC unit and it hasn’t found it since last fall (heats too).

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Ayah, as we say up here in the north country

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