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Under Settings > Notifications, one can select emails for Device Detection, Monitor Offline and Monthly Email Reports, but there is no option to send emails when a Custom Alert is triggered.

I want to know if my Cooktop is on for over an hour, or my Fridge or Freezer doesn’t turn on for 3 hours, or the AC doesn’t come on for 4 hours etc.

Yes, I get a 1 on the Sense icon and a notification I have an alert in the Notifications area, but as I get so many notifications there, I often don’t notice them until the end of the day.

Even if more timely, I find myself clicking on the App and still not be able to find what the alert was - Anywhere!

Can you add a toggle to also send an email for a Custom Alert? Possibly even a popup in the app (like new device detection) that will take you to the alert that triggered?

I know I’d be more likely to see the alert in my email. Plus a notification in two places are better than one, especially if it’s an urgent custom alert.


I would also like to add a request to send an “Alert Email” if the voltage drops or surges above some setpoint. It is important to know that the incoming power quality is poor - as close to the moment that it happens. Currently you have to open the SENSE APP, go to the ‘Labs section’ to view power quality (and the graph is always 24-hours old). Realtime alerts are needed for power quality.

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