Always On Notification doesn't match "reality"


So I have an Always On Goal configured and that’s set to “under 165 Watts”. I regularly get a notification that “Your always on is xxx Watt which is above the 165 W you configured”. However, when I go look at my “Home” screen, the Always on is actually lower than 165 W. For example, I just got an alert that my “Always on is 183 W” but when I look at my App, it shows that it’s 146 W.

Is this a known issue?



I have noted differences in Always On in the bubble vs Always On in the hourly (Day) view and export. Try comparing the two.


I forward to the team. This likely has something to do with the post-smart plug Always On calculation. Did you ever run into this before smart plugs?


No never ran into this before smart plugs. Looks like they updated the “Always On” calculation for the bubble, but not the calculation for the Goal Alert.