Always On: Timeline vs Bubbles


I think we are all working to minimize our “Always On’ load, by identifying loads and switching out phantom loads to minimize their unneeded costs. It was my impression that when reviewing the Bubbles that each bubble would add up to the total wattage load. Had an interesting occurrence the other day, “Quiet Time”, when I had no 'Other” load and only the “Always On” was present. The Bubble Load stated a 239 W load and the total load was only 202W.

In my previous reviews, the bubble screen items added up to the Total line; with consideration given for the time it takes to call up each bubble. This screen shows an 18% error/difference between the two measurements. Is this typical?


I’m betting that you hit a new low. Sense uses a 24 hour window low water mark for “Always On” so you are always looking in the rear view mirror, not at the current moment in time. The upcoming Always on should move to 208W (or lower if you have an even more “quiet” time at night. At least that’s what I think is happening.

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