Bubbles add up to more than total power use

I just installed a couple of HS110 plugs. Curiously, now the bubbles add up to more power (404 W) than the total power measured by the meter (350 W). Most of what’s going on is that the radon fan (79 W) used to the part of Always on till last now, but this morning it is accounted for separately by the HS110 plug. Understood that within a couple of days, Always on will lower itself to compensate for this. But it is confusing to have this disagreement, which will happen when folks are paying most attention to Sense. Could this be fixed by reducing always on? Or are there reasons why that is a bad idea?


My 2c - Sense has improved Always On over time and will continue to do so, but you really want to have a medium term history element to it (at least 24 hours, today 48 hours) so that you really do capture the typical behavior for a full day or more. But that means that change can take a while.

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