Sum of device energy usage exceeds "Total Usage"

Hi! I’ve been using Sense since the end of July 2018 and am loving the data I get from it. I’ve made some google sheets that allow me to track usage over time with graphs to help me identify energy hogs or help my family understand why they need to turn things off when they’re done. I’ve been using the manual data export feature to generate all of my graphs which is a little tedious, but workable for now.

There isn’t an Other category on the data export, so I’ve been making one by subtracting the Total Usage from the sum of the usage of all devices for that day. On eight days, the sum of power usage of the devices exceeds the Total Usage category. I can’t upload anything because I’m a new user, but you can grab an example from a day that did this here.

I know that the Always On category is kind of a rolling average… are these days examples of when my actual Always On is lower than the rolling average and there is no Other?

I just posted a similar item, in my case I know what causes it, but it is the same problem I think:

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I have seen this as well. Could be be any one of a number of things.

  • An Always On that is temporarily bigger than it should be. Many ways this can happen, such as @jlj.pers story above.

  • A device where Sense frequently misses the off signature, so it stays on for extra time in Sense’s calculation.

You might try graphing hourly Always On over time around that time period to see if there were any unusual swings.

This phenomenon happens almost every time I’m logged into the web portal. For instance, right now, I have four “bubbles”: always on, other, freezer, and fridge. They’re using 448w collectively. About right.
My power meter shows I’m using approximately 448w. BUT when I go to the device page (again, web portal), it shows I have always on, other, AC, AC fan, freezer, fridge, and fridge 2 running, consuming a total 1492w. A quick check of the power meter shows ~448w. Why are these extra devices showing as on inside the device tab but NOT on the “now” tab? They can’t be on because the AC unit by itself consumes more wattage than the whole house is consuming at the moment. Is this a known issue?

the problem with the web portal device page is a known bug. I have reported it awhile back. You can search the forum and find it.