[Android] Philips Hue Integration borked?

I installed my Sense recently and have not been able to get Philips Hue integrations to work. The app just exits to the home screen on my LG v30 and chromebook. Clicking the other integration options brings up the appropriate screens for ifttt, alexa etc. Both devices are on the same network and subnet mask. My network router is a first gen google wifi router. I might be wrong, but the Hue bridge doesnt have the capability to connect via wifi, so they can’t be on the same wifi network as stated in the some of the support videos.

Any suggestions?

I had a working Hue integration for a while with the Hue on the same subnet as my Sense. My many year old Apple base stations allowed me to have both WiFi devices and wired devices on the same subnet (30 wired, 60 wireless). But I borked up the working integration when I created a second “guest” network/subnet to isolate all my IoT devices, and moved all my smart plugs over to the IoT network. That forced me to move my Sense to the IoT network/subnet to maintain contact with the smart plugs. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t support wired devices on the “guest” network, and I haven’t been able to make a wired to wireless adapter work with the Hue.

Bottom line is that you need your wireless Sense and smart plugs, plus your wired Hue hub all on the same subnet for all the integrations to work.

Maybe I wasn’t clear. Both devices are on the same network. The sense currently has and the hue has for addresses. I can connect to my NAS from other devices on the network and generally can see each other.

The hue cannot connect via WiFi as it doesn’t have the capability.

The other integration screens do appear when selected.

The only thing I’ve thought of that I can change is to make sure I disable 5ghz band at home while trying to set it up. The fact that the other integration picker screens show up, even while my phone is mobile, tends to tell me that’s probably not a factor.

Other factors to consider.
My phone is an LgV30. Android 9.0 security patch Aug 2019.
Hue app is latest available.
Hue bridge and bulbs are updated.
Sense app is latest.

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I just want to confirm something here. You’re saying the app crashes when you select Hue and you’re returned to your phone home screen? Or that it just brings you back to the main Now screen in the Sense app?

I don’t know the technical term, but the app it’s minimized. It’s as if I got the circle/home button. It just disappears. I’m then looking at my home screen. Reopening the app is as simple as selecting the app or reopening it via the recent app menu. The subtlety of if it crashed, exited or purposely minimized is not easily discerned.

I just quickly chatted with the Support team and there’s a possible bug where trying to connect the Hue integration is crashing Android. We’ve seen it in another home and are able to reproduce. Would you mind also writing into them so they can take a closer look? You can reach support directly at support@sense.com

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I already sent in a ticket. I figured I’d post here as well in case someone else had the issue and figured out a solution. I’ll append the ticket with the link to this thread.

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Please watch this thread for updates: INVESTIGATING: Hue setup crashing on Android

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I can’t wait to get home and verify that it’s working!


Awesome! I personally use the Hue integration all the time. If i’m not controlling via Home on my Apple Watch, I’m controlling via the Sense app.

It is working! woohoo!