Announcing our new Monthly Email Report


We’re testing a new feature: the Monthly Email Report. Navigate to Settings > Notifications and scroll down to the bottom of the page to turn it on.

You’ll start receiving a monthly overview of your past month with Sense, including your average usage, some stats on specific devices in your home, new devices we’ve found, and even info about how your usage compares with other Sense users!

This is still an early version, so we’d absolutely love your feedback.


Ryan this is cool stuff. I look forward to testing it out.


And we look forward to hearing what you think :+1:


To make a meaningful comparison this probably needs some basic facts - census of adults and children or sq feet, and could automatically or optionally control for or exclude distorting variables such as electric vehicle count, use of space heating or electric hot water.


Found a typo on the Android app. The subtext under Monthly Email Report says “Your monthly usage report fron Sense.” “fron” should be “from”.


Good catch! I’ll pass it on.


Hey Ryan this feature is nice. The average wattage and home happenings sections of the report are the most helpful for me to see what is going on in my home at a glance. The “how you compare” section would be more helpful if it showed what I was compared to. If most sense users live in an 800ft condo it will make my usage look immense since my home is bigger than that, is there a way to qualify what we’re compared to via sq footage? That would give a more apples to apples way to compare power usage and see how we stack up compared to other sense users.


Great point. This is just the first iteration of the monthly email report. I’ll pass on your feedback.


When do the monthly reports come out? I don’t think I have seen one yet, although it’s possible I missed it.


At the end of the month. Do you have the feature turned on (see the first post in the thread)?


Yes I did. I went back and looked but I don’t see it (also checked the spam folder). I do get a lot of junk mail so it’s possible I deleted it. I’ll see if I get one this month. Thanks!