Monthly Reports?

Just wondering if everyone has received their last couple of Monthly reports…I’ve verified it is still checked in both of my devices. My last one was for October and received on 11/3/23. We should have received our December by now.

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Yes, I got mine. The December issue arrived 12-28. Looking back through my records, however, delivery has been sporadic.

EDIT: Never mind. The missing ones were called Home Report rather than Newsletter.

I’m speaking of the selectable notification called, “Monthly Email Report” which looks like this:

We normally receive it on the 3rd or 4th of the month. I have a simple spreadsheet which I use to track the three values ever since my install, and now I have missing data…

I get the monthly newsletter no problem. The monthly E-mail reports (Your Sense ___ Home report) notifications are sporadic at best. Push notifications rareley work as well. I’ve complained about this before. @JamesDrewAtSense

My last “Home report” was for October.

I am not receiving monthly reports regularly as in the beginning. I had to request November, and have just now requested December. I use SENSE to monitor rental unit and need the reports so that I can charge tenants for their usage.

OK this does appear to be a problem for the last couple of months. Hopefully the Sense folks see this, fix the problem, and resend it.

Hi. Sorry for the late response.

It’s been a busy week.

I can confirm we confirmed this issue; it has been reported and discussed internally. We are working to resolve it.

Now, here is where some heavy lifting comes in:

If anyone wants or needs to get one or more reports they did not receive, please send me a private message with the email associated with their Sense account and the month(s) they want their reports.

I will do my best to get your reports sent to you and will reply when I do.

This will help me, too, to get a good perspective of users who need their reports but did not get them, which I can make the team aware of.

I’ll also make it a point to update when I get more information on the issue.


Hi @obscuredtrip

If possible, can you file a ticket on push notifications not working here:

This will help me best investigate it and track it. This tends to be a tricky thing to prove, as there are many settings on phones now to suppress notifications based on many factors, but its something I would be glad to look into and raise

Thanks again.

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Thanks for confirming the confirmation.
The reports are nice to get, but no need to send me old reports.

Push notifications for new devices, offline, peak all work.
But I can’t recall ever getting a Monthly, Weekly, Daily, change notification. Not even sure what they are…
Are ‘Always on’ change notifications only when Sense initially detects the always on value for a specific device?

Hi all,

This is an update to inform you that the issue you encountered where you were not getting your monthly reports should now be resolved.

Within the last few days, you should have received a monthly report for January 2024. I would confirm if you can find it. If you can’t use the search function of your email program to look for the email
I would also check your spam/junk folder.

Thanks so much for your patience while we worked on this issue for you. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am always happy to help.