Announcing: The New Monthly Email Report

You might know that we’ve been testing a monthly email report feature in the app. We’re happy to announce a brand new, redesigned version based on all of your feedback. This email will be sent out at the beginning of each calendar month and provides a summary of your Sense data from the previous month. It’s great for a top-down, retrospective look at your usage.

The main benefits of this new report over the test version are:

  • A slimmer design that draws your attention to a few key items with bigger text and visuals, including your total consumption, solar production (if relevant), and Always On usage.
  • A more prominent and intuitive comparison widget to see how your usage compares to other Sense users. The comparison is shown for your state if you’ve set that under Settings in the app.

This design will also allow us to more easily make changes and additions to this email in the future, consider this just the beginning — and keep sending us your feedback!

This updated monthly report will now be ON by default. The previous version was OFF by default and required you to opt in. If you’d like to disable it (though we hope you don’t), you can under Settings > Notifications in the app. Note that you will only receive the email if the setting mentioned above is on, and if your monitor was online and collecting data for the majority (>80%) of the calendar month.

You’ll receive your January email soon. Let us know what you think in the comments!