Antenna Mounting

I have a flush breaker box. I have been trying to find a bracket that will accept the external antenna. I have bought mounts for radio antenna but the hole is too small. I can possibly ream the hole bigger and mount the bracket next to the cover on the sheetrock.

Any solutions for the mounting of the antenna?

In my case, my eletricican just placed a blank 1 gang plate with a circle opening to mount the antenna. The antenna base locked snugly into the hole of the box.

He placed the antenna about 4 inches away from the breaker box


I have a flush mounted box and I still was able to push out the antenna through one of the knock outs. The antenna sticks into the void behind the drywall. Signal is still strong

Right. I did the same thing. Wifi signals travel through all the other walls in the house, the wall that the breaker panel is mounted in is not shielded to block them. The antenna inside the wall only has half a wall to go through.