aoX on Usage Page?

There’s a mistery device on my usage page, but it doesn’t exist on my devices page. It is called “aoX” and is fourth on the list. It doesn’t appear to ever be on but is listed for every day. Any idea what this is?


I’ve seen it too. My guess is it has to do with always on corrections. Do you have any smart plugs?

No I don’t have any.

@mattlebaugh is spot on!

It’s a temporary artifact of Always On corrections. It actually wasn’t meant to be deployed and will disappear soon. Think of it as proof that we are, in fact, working hard on Always On. :construction_worker_man:


Oh cool, no worries then. Thanks for the response.

How soon is soon for it to disappear? Last post was 9 days ago!! :slight_smile: Still see it there…:christmas_tree::gift::tada:

Let me check in on that. Holidays might have pushed things back a bit.

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