API offline last night, not reported on status.sense.com

The Sense Service appeared to be offline last night, but nothing was reported via status.sense.com.

Was it too short of an outage to report on, or is this type of service communication between the mobile app and Sense servers not tracked?

The issue persisted for at least 30 minutes until I went to be around 2am EST.

I encountered an orange error message in the app stating “Network Problem - There was a probleming talking to the Sense service.” while trying to access the Trends page.

I’m not seeing anything on our end that suggests there was a server outage. What makes you think this wasn’t a localized issue? In any case, I’d suggest writing into the Support team.

status.sense.com gets manually updated, so it is possible that, in the event of a really short outage, it may not get updated. But again, I’m not seeing anything on our end that makes it seem like that’s the case here.

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It occurred to me that it may be local.
I first did a network test for the Sense device. Everything checked out fine.
I also ran a DNS and connectivity test from my phone to help rule out something device related or domain resolution related. This also checked out.

The issue was gone once I woke up this morning, and it was only the Trends section of the mobile app.

It was probably not related to the Sense service or so short that it didn’t get updated.

Thank you

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