Auto Merge Suggestions

How about Sense suggest items to merge/group? When it detects that several several items are routinely turning on/off at the same time it should recognize this and suggest a merge. Currently it appears there is no easy way for us to determine this ourselves unless we export data. Why not have sense determine/suggest this for us?

I’m not sure if you are aware that they do have a “Combine” feature. This is where Two detections are components of the same device and decides to “Combine” them without any interaction from the user. You do get a notification that it has happened, but only once. You cannot change it back. I’ve had this happen I think three times now and Sense was wrong each time. I just deleted the device and let each be detected again. Then made sure to rename as soon as they were detected to keep Sense from Combining them again.

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I wasn’t aware of the combine feature, but in your case it doesn’t sound like a very good track record ;o)

It should allow you to separate them like merge does.

I wasn’t aware of that feature until it happened to me. I got on here and nobody had heard of it. In my case, it didn’t work well. It sounds like a good feature and probably works well most of the time. I only got a single notification so I could see how it could easily be missed when it happens.
If they would create a way to reverse it, that would be nice.