Avg. % of monthly use

Has there been a fix in the app yet for the Average % of monthly use bug? Am I the only one that is experiencing this?


mine was that way but looks like they may have fixed it

Hrm. All of my percentages are still way up, some even in the millions of percent.

12/2019 EDIT: I conflated two bugs and incorrectly posted that this specific issue had been fully rectified. While it has been fixed for some users, others may still be seeing usage over-reporting.

Outdated posting

See this thread: FIX ISSUED: Over-reporting of Home Energy Notifications and Usage

We’ve issued a fix that should stop this from happening in the future, but are still working on a fix to historic stats for all users.

Watch the above thread, as updates will be posted there.

It appears nice that there was a patch posted for this some time ago, but my records are far from ok.
If I click on my dishwasher which is accurately detected each time it runs, it still states 4036.0% average % of monthly use. This to me doesn’t seem like it was fixed at all. Another example is my dryer, 20625.5% of my average % of monthly use. I can go on and on with the devices being shown in the app. Yet some items also show no monthly percentage of overall usage. What gives here?

I have inquired on this with support and am getting nowhere. I just keep getting told that a fix was issued and things should be ok now. Anyone else still seeing this?

I’m going to look into this. Can you just clarify something? When you’re seeing the 4036% on your dishwasher, is that for historic months only or also the current month?

As noted here, this is still being investigated. I’ll update that thread with updates: INVESTIGATING: Device showing usage over 100% on Trends page

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