Bad Sense monitor

So I have a bad sense monitor so I purchased a new one. They are telling me that if I close my account for the bad one that I will not be able to open a new account for the replacement one with the same email account. Why would this be if I close and started over?

Why could t you just use the same account with the new monitor?

I would like to but something to do with the serials being different

Yup, I had to replace mine as well and had to use a different email. The upside is that that kept my old history available under the old account.

Each account (based on email address) is tied to a specific serial number Sense.

I don’t care about the info the monitor is less that two weeks old. I don’t want to create another email for the new one. Maybe I will return the new and go a different route with the other brand I found

I thought there was an option to reset and delete account, I’m sure of it.
I bought mine used. I’m unsure if the first owner created an account or not.
But if you delete the account, I can’t see why a new unit wouldn’t be able to then be tied to the email because there wouldn’t be one tied to it anymore.
If it’s not possible then that’s a pretty big mistake that should be addressed.
Surely people that have had to return units haven’t had to have a totally new email

If you find where it is let me know. I say it is stupid on there part if this is not a option.

Who did you communicate with at Sense. should be able to give you a better answer and do things behind the scenes if needed. There is a Delete Account option in the Sense>Settings>Accounts tab, but I don’t know if that is going to be able to give you what you want - the ability to re-create your account with a new monitor.

Sense support

What I see in the Sense iPhone app is two options for resetting.
The first is “Reset Data” and preserves the account but starts detection over again
The second option, Factory Reset”, clears everything according to Sense. Including deleting the account. In my mind, if the account is deleted, then it no longer exists which would mean there is no longer an email or a serial number associated. Of course, that doesn’t mean that on the backend the association is gone.
You would hope that the account system would not be so poorly designed to prevent a change of this nature.
Even if it is, they should have the capability and it shouldn’t be that difficult for them to force a change.
See screenshot

As @kevin1 said, each Sense monitor needs to have an account associated to it and an e-mail can only be used for a single account. If you have already deleted your original account, then you can use that same e-mail for a second Sense monitor without any problems at all. If you have not deleted this account yet, then you would need to use the same e-mail address and password to register a new Sense monitor using the same e-mail that you had used previously. Please be aware that doing this will “unregister” the original Sense monitor from our servers, but the physical monitor itself will still be locked to an account which no longer exists. This will cause for that monitor to not be able to be registered again until it is back in our offices and we can unlock that monitor.

If you are returning that monitor, then this shouldn’t be a problem as all returns should come through the Sense offices and we’ll unlock it then. If you had plans on using, selling, or gifting the original Sense monitor that you have, then you would need to delete your account prior to installing and registering the second Sense monitor. An account can only be deleted when the Sense monitor is online (in order to tell the physical monitor itself to delete the account.) To delete your account, you can navigate to either Settings > Account > Delete Account or Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor > Factory Reset with the Sense app.

I’m guessing you’ve worked with Support on what the actual issue is with the monitor?