Remove monitor from account

I used to have sense when it first came out, I wasn’t patient enough and have come back. However my account still has the original monitor registered. I read online how to remove it but the instructions don’t match.

Am I able to remove it or do I have to use another email for the new monitor?

I believe you can use the same account info but you have to get Support to make the modifications.

What happened to the old monitor?

Having 2 Sense monitors can be handy and there’s nothing to stop you using both at the same time … you just need to create an additional account.

I figured I would have to wait on support. I emailed them and I’m just waiting for them to clear the original sense off my account. I was going to try “change wifi” once I installed the new replacement monitor, but I’m assuming it won’t be happy. I’m assuming I’ll have to make another account or wait for support.

I got rid of it because the reporting was not what I was expecting. But I told myself this time I will be more patient and just see what it gives me. At this point, I just want to see live power usage vs. live solar generation.