Swapping Monitor Hardware (Wiser to Sense Unit)

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To get immediately to my main point first, I am going to be swapping out my Wiser (Square D version of Sense) monitor for an actual Sense monitor and want to be sure I do this correctly from an account function standpoint. My goal is to ensure I can use my same existing account (or at least email) with my new monitor. Can anyone provide the proper steps for this replacement process? I assume its similar to swapping a defective monitor with a replacement but I can’t seem to find reliable information.

From what I’ve read, sounds like I need to delete my account while my current monitor is still connected and running. Then install new monitor and I should be able to restart the setup process with the new monitor and my current account(or at least new account , same email). I think this is due to an account/email being tied to a serial number so without an account deletion, I will not be able to setup new monitor with same account email. My guess is I would need to also uninstall and reinstall the sense app as well since using the Wiser causes an app makeover to a Wiser theme. Can anyone confirm this will work without issues?

For those who are wondering why do this … I’ll start by saying I have no complaints about Wiser technology/hardware coupled with Sense’s systems. The Wiser is essentially identical, other than the color scheme and branding, to Sense and my setup has been working great for the month its been installed. I bought Wiser from my hardware store over Sense because it was on sale but in exploring my employers incentives for Solar installation, I discovered they offer an incentive to employees who purchase the Sense monitor. Given this saves me a good percentage of the price beyond the sale price of the Wiser, I decided it was worth the swap and time invested in device learning. Excited to see how the device learning differs the second time around!

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Hey @jben.07. Thanks for writing in! Have you reached out to support@sense.com about this? They should be able to help ensure a seamless transition between monitors here for you.



@JustinAtSense I appreciate you reaching out to them for me.

I will keep an eye out for any communications from them.

Hi @jben.07. For privacy reasons, we’ll need you to send an email over to support@sense.com. You can just copy and paste your initial thread into the email and someone from our support team will reach out!

@JustinAtSense My bad, I misread your first reply. I can reach out to them since that seems like your recommended approach to this.

Thank you! Always feel free to send me a private message with any questions and i can let you know the best way to move forward :slight_smile: .

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