Boston/Providence-area folks: Want to meet up?

Hey everyone!

As I continue to get acquainted with Sense and the Sense user community, I’ve decided that it’s pertinent to actually meet some of our users. Phone calls and forum chats are great, but they’re not a substitute for in-person chats. If you’re in the area (we’re in Boston, but I live near Providence) and would like to talk Sense — what you like, what you don’t like, what you want to see, what you definitely don’t want to see — over lunch/coffee/a beer, shoot me a message! Maybe we can even get a few of us together for a larger meetup?



I’m totally down for a meet up. I’m almost equidistant to Boston and Providence. I probably owe the Sense team a few beers for my nagging LOL.

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Ryan: I would be up for a meeting. I am in Nashua, NH so Boston would work for me. It would be great to talk with you and with other Sense users.

Keep us posted when it gets set up.

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Awesome! If you’re on Facebook, shoot me an add. You should be able to find me via Ryan LaLiberty. It’ll be easier to coordinate a group meetup with everyone at once via a group message.

Ryan - I’m North of Boston in New Market NH buy fly out of BOS weekly it seems. Let me know the b at way to connect.

I’m going to shoot you a message!

You know, I live near Worcester and I’d love to meet up someday.

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That’d be great. Feel free to shoot me a PM and we can try and schedule something.