Will you be at CES 2019? Join us!

We’re going to be hosting a small customer event at CES 2019 in Vegas. Are you planning on being there? Come hang out and hear from a few people here at Sense. There might be free t-shirts :wink:

Reach out to us via this page: http://blog.sense.com/CES2019

Formal invites with the exact details will be sent closer to the date.


I normally go, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it this year unfortunately. If my plans change I’ll definitely let you know.

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Giving this a little bump, since CES is coming up soon. Really hoping to meet some people!

Last call for stragglers on this! Would love to meet some of you if you’re going to be at CES.

Sorry - was in LV last week… Have fun and make those deals :wink:

The only deals I’ll be making will be at the buffets, but I’ll pass the encouragement on to the others :grin: