Branding on product


A few days ago I had an inspector come to my house. As part of his rounds he took a look at my load centers and saw the two Sense modules hanging off the panels. He didnt know what those were and was somewhat suspicious that I might be manipulating somehow my electric usage. I had to explain to him what those orange boxes are, but … he said he will investigate.

Which made me think- is it possible to have a “Sense - Energy Monitor” or something similar printed on the modules?


Both the monitor and CTs actually already have branding. For the monitor, it’s on the side (along with the necessary certifications) and it’s on the front of the CTs.


ugh… i just checked. the marking are covered when using the mounting bracket. i should have removed the module and looked/ showed it.

maybe a “Sense” logo with bigger (white?) letters on the front of the device readily viewable when the module is mounted?


Design changes can be challenging, but I will pass it along to the relevant team.


I don’t know what kind of inspection this was, but any inspector that can’t recognize what a small box with a wifi antenna and clamp on CTs is doing probably wouldn’t bat an eye if you just printed out a p-touch label saying “energy monitor” and slapped it on the front of the box…

Personally I think the Sense monitor enclosure is well designed and attractive. Not that it matters too much when hidden inside the panel.