Breaker Panel - New installation

I just moved from NJ to CO and discovered regulations vary by state, but so do panel designs.

My new external panel looks like this…

I have clipped sensors on to the bar as there are no mains cables visible. I am getting 121.7V per leg, but mains on the app is showing negative and very low i.e -5w and -12w.

How had anyone else installed Sense with such a configuration?

I can’t help you with your problem. But you have the most beautiful breaker panel on earth. I would never put on the font cover.


Congrats on the new home @simon.heald!

Sounds like signal check may be in progress. Did you reset your monitor before installing it in the new panel? It will need to recalibrate to this installation. If you’re still seeing those negative ratings, be sure to reach out to the support team so they can help troubleshoot.

PS- @MachoDrone is right. Find the electrician that did that and get their number stat!!!

I’m getting reading now and they are positive, but seem very low. I have AC and an electric oven on and its showing a very low reading. I’m thinking something is still not right.

Oh and sorry to dissapoint, but that is not my actual panel, I found a picture to illustrate my issue. My panel is not as neat! I just didn’t want to pull the power again to take a pic!

Just where did you clip the CVs on?

Have you reached out to Support? This definitely sounds like a case that might require their intervention.

I clipped them on to the bus bar after the master breaker - I’ve only got partial readings I presume.

I reach out to support and have only had the basic checks email, waiting for them to look at my units data and see if they can see anything.

As long as you got the CTs around the entire bus bar. There’s a spot in your picture where it looks like you could clamp around only half of each bus, where each buss splits into two parts to connect to the main breaker. In that case you’d only measure half the power on the bus bar.

I only have it partially around it won’t fully close. Does anyone know a way to fudge it with wire potentially?

That’s probably your problem right there. The CTs have to be completely closed in order to work properly.

You may just be out of luck with your panel.

Ah, yeah, this doesn’t sound good. There really isn’t a way to fudge it. The CTs need to completely form a closed loop. Can you provide a picture of the CTs with the gap? Support would also love this info too.

Any cables in this region? You probably have large conduit leading here, though. Imma hoping you can get to where the cables just enter the box, but this is on the dangerous side where the meter likely needs pulled.

Did you get any resolution to this? I have the same issue here in FL. The bus bar is surrounded by plastic. Im considering trimming so that I can attach the clamps.

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No resolution, but I have a sub panel in my basement that covers all the items that have marginal impacts on my load (so all the outlets, lights) - all the major items (AC, furnace, kitchen appliances) are on the main panel - but I’m not going to change behavior on those.

I haven’t moved the unit yet - but it will likely end up in the basement panel.

If you do trim and it works, please report back, I may do the same.

I’ve never seen this exact setup but it appears that you have dual 200 amp service run in parallel. I wonder if it would be possible to disconnect the four strap legs and the two on the 120 legs above the breakers and replace it with suitable size copper. Then you would be able to clamp both Maine that way.
I’m not an electrician
I might be looking at it incorrectly and it’s just 200. It’s interesting and very good looking.

That has to be a breaker box meter combo where the meter is above so there’s no wires going from the meter to the main breakers. Sense most likely would need to be attached to the wires feeding the meter to get accurate readings.

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