[Bug]: Ecobee integration fails when 2FA is enabled

version 33.2-e53b9f87 build 1202
galaxy s9, galaxy tab s 10.5

how does sharing the data help ?? do I see it in my app or the web ?? or is this still how it works " this is only a data-gathering integration. You cannot, at this time, see any Ecobee data within Sense"

This is still a data-gathering integration - you won’t see Ecobee data within Sense at this time.

I did an analysis before (Round I) and after (Round II) Sense started offering the Ecobee integration. I can’t prove it was due to the Ecobee integration and a lot changed between the two rounds (including new AC compressors), but Sense did much better afterward in detecting both AC compressors, after the integration.


iPhone Xs

iOs 14.2

I’d really love to get this integration to work, especially as it warms up and our AC starts running non-stop.

Unfortunately, I keep getting the integration error noted above and none of the suggested workarounds seem to work.

Workaround doesn’t work anymore … and the initial bug still isn’t squashed, even when disabling 2FA (which should never be a solution), I now get “Something went wrong during Authorization. Please close window and try again.”

Perhaps it’s limited to me, but if anyone else can chime in?

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By the way. this happens now whether Im using Android, iPhone, latest App, latest Beta, mobile Chrome, mobile Safari, I just get the same error (and I disabled 2FA as well)

I think they are aware of this now - [Bug]: Ecobee integration fails when 2FA is enabled - #11


I am having the same problem after I authenticate. I get this response: “ Something went wrong during authorization. Please close this window and try again”

App Version: 34.1-55d8054e
Device: iPhone XR
Operating system: iOS 14.3

I just installed my Ecobee3 Lite over the weekend and just saw this thread…

Where can I read more about what this integration actually does? Is this just sending data to Sense for analysis? Or do I see historic information in some graphical form within the Sense app? What are the benefits of this?

And did I read right that I need to turn MFA off in order for this to work?

The Sense Ecobee Historical integration reads data from your Ecobee history at the Ecobee mothership on a regular basis, to provide “ground truth” time history of what your HVAC systems have been doing. Sense uses that data to improve their detection of HVAC systems. If you have the integration running, Sense will be more likely to detect your specific HVAC correctly, especially over time and heating cooling seasons.

But right now, Ecobee has tweaked the authentication protocol for their API such a that even Sense users without 2FA aren’t able to connect.

OK… So the integration is all backend… There are no user experience benefits on the Sense UI or otherwise… Backend integration to assist in the machine learning for HVAC detection only… Correct?

Yes, only backend usage for the data science team at Sense. But it seems to have improved Sense detection of my 2 HVAC units. Long history here.

Thanks for the patience here, everyone. The Ecobee integration should now be working if 2FA is (or is not) enabled.

If you are still experiencing issues, clear your cache and delete the integration before attempting set-up again. If you’re still unable to enable the Ecobee integration, please reach out to our Support team (support@sense.com).


Confirmed, with 2FA enabled. Thank you!


Confirming that’s its working without 2FA


Working for me, without 2FA


What is the MFA, you mention here?

Per Ecobee’s documentation they only use 2FA. The terms MFA and 2FA are often times interchanged. MFA however, involves introducing more factors of authentication to the process of authentication. 2FA is a subset of MFA that involves using exactly two factors of authentication.

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