[Bug]: Unknown device number on usage tile

Hey guys, wondering if anyone else is seeing something like this: I was looking at my usage tile yesterday for the week and noticed a very unusual device called c42d2299 it is showing on my week usage using 0.8 kWh I also found a similar one on my yearly usage called 816520cc. I have never named anything like this to any of my devices and if I go to my devices list neither of those names are showing up.

I’m adding the screenshots below so you can see, notice how the icon is the same as the one for “other”. anyone seen similar devices? is this a bug?

Appreciate any comments.


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Hey there @jorge.salvatierra - we’ve seen this a few times in the past, it can occur for a variety of reasons. Support can help. Could you reach out to Support (support@sense.com) if you haven’t already?

will submit a ticket… just wondering if someone had already and could provide an explanation.


I have the same thing going on.
I actually came on the forum looking for answers.

@jorge.salvatierra @jordonstandeven can you share the below information and grant us permission to look at your data? This is a bug that we are looking into a fix for.

  • Device/Phone: Galaxy S10+
  • Device software: Android V10.
  • Sense app version: 34.1-81282a8b7