Can I export Net Production data?

I know there is ability to export data to CSV data but I’m looking specifically for the data that is displayed on the Mobile app under Solar.

To Grid
From Grid
Powered by solar
Net Production

At this point I’m going through each day and manually entering this data into a spreadsheet.


You can get Net Production/Usage from the downloaded CSVs by simply adding Total Usage and Solar Production (Solar Production is negative in the CSV) for the same hour or day. Very easy to do using a Pivot Table, especially daily. Net Production is the negative of Net Usage.

If you want “From Grid” and “To Grid” you can get a good approximation but not 100% exact by exporting hourly CSV, computing the Net Usage, as above, on an hourly basis, then segregating the positive and negative Net Usages into separate ‘To Grid’ and ‘From Grid’ columns. Positive Net Usage goes into the ‘From Grid’ and negative Net Usage goes into the ‘To Grid’ column.

Not super hard, and much easier than adding by hand into a spreadsheet. I can share an Excel-based example in the next day or so if you are interested.

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Quick tutorial on how to use CSVs to get some of these values. I can share more if you are interested.

  1. Export the CSV data using the little icon in the upper right in Trends in the rev app.

Go for Hourly data if you eventually want to pull out “to Grid” and “from grid”…

  1. Open the downloaded file in Excel. Select the entire range of data. This Sense CSV data includes an entry for every device in your house, plus Total Usage and Solar Production for every hour. The next couple steps will be all about filtering and reshaping this data into something useful.

  1. Go to the Excel Data menu and select “Summarize as Pivot Table”. Excel will ask you a couple questions about the data source and the final Pivot Table location. Just OK the defaults and you will get a Pivot Table created. Drag the fields listed on the upper right into the boxes on the right. This step does a bunch of things: filters out extraneous columns in the CSV, changes the shape of the data from long to wide (where each device has its own column), plus summarizes the kWh usage by day and by month.

  1. The next step is to filter out all devices except Total Usage and Solar Production. Easy to do using the little “Filter” icon next in the Column Labels cell. Turn off “Select All”, then individually select just these two.

  1. You should have close to some of what you want. Solar Production and Total Usage subtotaled by Day and by Month. The Grand Total is actually your Net Usage for each day and for each month.

  1. If you want to do operations on this data, like dividing the Solar Production by the Grand Total to ge the % Solar, you’ll need to copy the data in the Pivot Table to a new spreadsheet, since Pivot Tables are a special entity, that doesn’t behave like a spreadsheet anymore.

If you try this and like the results, but want more, I can show you how to get to “from Grid” and “to Grid” but it will be a 3 step process that includes this kind of Pivot Table step. Let me know.

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