Solar Data Export: "To Grid" and "From Grid" daily values

I think it would be useful to allow export the daily calculated values for To Grid and From Grid, along with actual production and usage values.

Why would this feature be useful?

  1. Rates for energy purchase are radically higher than solar export. Here in Perth Australia, 30 cents purchase per kWh, 2.5c sell. So there is strong incentive to use your own solar power, and to monitor how well you are doing on that front over time, as it is what determines financial return on the solar investment.
  2. You can calculate net energy import vs export over 24 hours easily enough, but it doesn’t take into account when during the day the usage took place. Likewise, you can do it on an hourly basis, but this
    is an approximation and sometimes the approximations (for low usage levels) are really quite inaccurate. It’s also a fiddly process to process the data. I assume the daily From/To grid values are integrated continually over the day, or in small time intervals - better than an hour at least.
  3. And of course, you’d be able to check that your meter is honest.

I guess this is a feature for data nerds but the numbers are there below the production graph in solar dashboard - I’m surprised they are not included in the data export.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


New user as of Sept 1 and loving it so far except that the “To Grid” data isn’t included in the Export. I’m a data junky and calculate net savings per day (yes, I have all the fixed and metered calculations from my energy provider!) and I need the “To Grid” numbers. I can get them by going day by day in the interface but why wouldn’t that be included int he Export??

Hi @dbcoward - Currently, “To Grid” data is not supported in our exports. It’s not data we collect (i.e. solar in, electricity in) but rather something we process; the export is more raw data. If you are interested in submitting a feature request, you can do so here:


I’ve submitted the request, thanks!

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