To/From grid numbers are 0 for all days, previously the data was correct

to/from grid numbers are 0 for all days, previously the data was correct. now even historical data is missing, in the webclient and in the app. There may be more missing as well, but this is what ive seen lately.


Same here, came looking if someone else was seeing this.

Yesterday it read:
to grid: 81 kWh
from grid: 2.3 kWh

Thanks for reporting.
Did you also send an email to support@ ?

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i did not send to support, only here, my experience with support over the past 2 years has been extremely poor so i choose not to deal with them anymore.


I hear you, In that case I will open a ticket.
It is clearly part of the database that currently is broken.
I want them to be at least aware, and like you I don’t expect any useful feedback as a response.


I have escalated this issue to one of our senior support agents for further assistance. We will respond to you with an update within the next business day.

If you have additional questions or information to add in the meantime, feel free to respond back.
Thank you,
Sense Support


I got a response from James, which of course was factual & to the point.
Later he publicly posted here what was going on.

Thanks James!

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Hi @dannyterhaar and @danderson , I’m seeing the same thing - full history of Day/Week/Month/Year/Bill “To Grid” and “From Grid” has been zeroed out.

@JamesDrewAtSense , I’m going to file a ticket like these other two, but this looks pretty widespread - not just an individual user issue.

One other weird thing - going through the web app Dashboard > Details > Solar gets me to a broken display for Solar, which is giving NaN (not a number).

This is the link it takes me to…

vs the real solar link:

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I don’t have the NaN :

Although my average cost per month, like yours is zero.

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There is currently an issue where “To Grid,” “From Grid,” “Self Powered,” and “Powered by Solar” are not displaying as expected. The first two are displaying as “0,” and the latter 2 are “100%”. This seems to be affecting every solar user. The engineering team knows, and I’ll let you know when I have another update.

Thank you for your patience. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT: This issue is very likely a display issue, meaning the data is not being displayed correctly. It is less likely a data loss issue, so I would not worry about historical data loss or anything like that. With that said, I’m not certain, so I’ll let you know as I get more information.


Thanks for the update. It looks like the From Grid /To Grid data is back as of this afternoon. And as you suggested, just a display issue, not a data loss issue.


I can confirm that a hotfix was deployed sometime after hours (on the East Coast anyway) and that seems to have fixed the issue of solar data not being displayed correctly.

Thanks everyone for your patience while we worked to resolve this.

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