Can Sense Solar be used for small wind too?


Hello, our ranch home has a small wind turbine (Bergey XL10 10kW grid-tie), with inverter next to the main panel. Is there any reason that Sense Solar couldn’t be used to monitor production from the wind turbine?


If it’s got leads and feeds into a system like a solar panel would, I don’t see why not! That would be a more interesting profile than our solar readings.


It should work pretty well as long as you have two leads to put the CT clamps around. It might be worth sending a couple pictures of your inverter/panel setup into so they can 100% verify.


Thank you for that suggestion!


I’m kind of curious to hear how this turned out. Please keep us posted when you hear back from support.


Same here. I want to see some profiles.


So when I went to take photos of the inverter and panel I realized that I have another problem: this house has two breaker panels, one downstairs (next to the inverter) and one upstairs. I could buy a Sense, but would only be able to see ~half of the home loads. Still trying to figure this out, and will start a new thread about this issue.


So…we were replacing a breaker on the basement panel closest to the wind turbine inverter, and discovered that the panel fed the upstairs panel too, so we could use one Sense unit and try the Sense Solar on the wind turbine output. Here is a screenshot during the first hours of initiating, for those who might be interested. Now just need to work on reducing our demand!


Awesome! Keep us posted for sure.