Can the names L1, L2 be changed to match reality

I installed my Sense 10 days ago. Apparently I put the current sensors on the “wrong” lines in my breaker panel, because while my refrigerator is in fact on L1 it shows in Sense on L2. Can I swap the current sensors to the other feed lines, or is there a way to tell the app that the current sensors need swapped, or do I just need to remember that L1 = Sense(L2) and L2 = Sense(L1)?

So far Sense has identified the oven (240V, shouldn’t matter if I switch the sensors), the 2 furnaces (one on each line) and Heat2 (which is the inducer blower part of furnace1).

There’s really no place in the Sense UI where L1 and L2 are defined/visible. Are you talking about the 2 different columns in the Signals display under Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor ?

The L1 and L2 labels show up in the Sense Labs tab labeled Floating Neutral, but yes, those agree with the Sense Monitor under My Home in Settings.