Can't login to community from different computer

This is related to this community board. I tried to login on another computer of mine, but when I clicked the ‘login’ button in the upper right corner, it just redirected me to the homepage. Any suggestions?

Hi Devin, thanks for reporting this. Could you please give us a few more details about the issue? Which browser you were using, did you try refreshing the page and clearing cache? Has the problem persisted throughout these few days? Sorry for the inconvenience!


I was just able to login on a 3rd computer (different than the one giving me issues). All computers are windows 7, using Chrome browser. I didn’t try and trouble shoot the problem ie. lazy.

I will try logging in tomorrow on the (work) computer that was giving me an issue. I’ll report back my findings either way.

Tried again on the computer that was giving me issues; issue resolved.

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