CentrIQ app Recommendation

First post!

I just want to share this app as being very helpful in finding product information and manuals for me. You’re already building a device inventory into the Sense app, with CentrIQ, you can photo scan your product nameplates and it will read make/model info and gather parts lists, manuals, warranty info, etc. for you. Can also type the info in also - this is often quicker.

I’m only 2 weeks into my Sense journey and I’ve just used CentrIQ to learn more about my appliances, often the manuals have diagrams showing exactly how many motors, heating elements, fans are inside, and some manuals provide spec info on appliances to help pinpoint what you’re seeing in Sense data. Pretty sure my new “heat #2” is the heating coil in my dishwasher after first thinking it was a defrost cycle in an ancient freezer I’m now pretty certain doesn’t even have a defrost cycle… info I learned with help of CentrIQ - the cycle detection is a little shoddy (missing cycles here and there - not sure if that will improve or not, or what to do when I am pretty certain that only about half the cycles of the heating element are showing up as detected - probably open a support ticket because I haven’t found anything in the forums so far yet, but I digress).

Anyway, hope you like it!


Pretty cool app, I’ve been using it for a few hours. Thanks!

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OH, I forgot to mention the other big benefit of using the app, if you’re taking photos of nameplates/devices as the app requests, you’re building an inventory that could be useful in the case of a major fire or other disaster that requires an insurance claim.