Clearing of peak history

Was wondering if there is a way to clear the peak consumption (weekly/monthly/year/all time)?

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Hey @Mars, if you are referring to “Rate Zone” then you can delete your seasonal rate zone by opening the Sense app > Settings > Clicking the rate zone > Scrolling to the bottom and clicking “Delete.”

If I misunderstood your question, would you mind providing me with a little more information?

Thx. I was referring to the peak consumptions. weekly monthly/all time


@Mars would you mind providing a screenshot of what you are referring to?

No problem. Here is says “new peak”

There are old ones stored obviously. Unless i clear my device i can not reset peaks


Note: plz excuse typos. Big fingers and small buttons. I am too impatient to fix. Sent from my iPhone 74x

Thanks for sending this over @Mars.

You can delete “news” items in the “now” screen by clicking the “x” next to them (top right corner). This is where we may mention a peak.

The screenshot you provided shows a “push” notification, which is a notification on your phone. Besides us generating it, it is not related to us, but rather to the phone you are using. To delete one of those notifications, you need to swipe it away.

Hope this helps!

He is asking for a way to reset the peak subsumption data on the Sense backend without resetting the entire account.

For example a user has construction project going on that uses a ton of electricity on top of their normal usage.
Or Sense erroneously counts solar production as usage.
When things like this happens a user may never ever for the life of Sense come even close to reaching that peak. Making that feature completely useless for eternity.

If there was a way to reset the peak, the feature would become useful again.


excellent summary Obscuredtrip. Yes, I need to be able to reset the peak . Useful for winter during heating mode

Thank you for the clarification @obscuredtrip. In that case @Mars, the only way you could do this is with a total data reset.

Darn. Well that feature is now useless. A recommendation to reset of all data makes no “sense” . thx for the reply :thinking:

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