Crazy data usage

To start, my power was out yesterday morning for a few hours. Today I get an alert that I’ve used 30 gb of mobile data on my Google Fi plan. I investigate and it seems that sense has used 21 gb of data on my phone in the last 2 days! Any insight?

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@scottcurrence , there’s another thread on this issue below. Seems to affect only some Android users. The workaround is to turn off background usage.

@JamesDrewAtSense has suggested that users on the forum experiencing bugs like this, log them using the bug tracking system here.

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Hi @scottcurrence, this issue should now be resolved.

I have confirmed they fixed this within their latest release. Please use the Sense app as expected and confirm if you see any data spikes that appear out of the ordinary. If you do provide me with the info and a screenshot and I’ll keep looking into it.

Thanks for your patience while we got this fixed, but I am glad to help!