Android bug?


Currently seeing data disruptions, real time has been reading fine all day but I noticed when I got home that there seem to be data glitches beginning around 2pm pacific time. Sometimes when I open the app, I can see the most recent 5-10min in the real time graph, nothing more. The whole day bar and line graphs seem to come to a dead end at 2pm. Looks like it’s having a real hard time pulling data, as well.


Status page seems to indicate growing issues…


It’s definitely not you. Mine’s been doing strange things since about 2:00pm.


I’m not seeing the All Systems Operational page
Where did you find it?

#5 - it took some navigation through the website and some months back they posted a link here, but there it is :slight_smile:


Sorry for the inconvenience! You’re not still experiencing this, are you?

Right now the only direct link to the status page is in our help center (


Not since Saturday, but there are a few persistent data gaps totaling a couple hours or so.


Hmm. Alex from our support team is going to reach out to you to try and help track this down.


OK, is this happening to anyone else? I’ve had about a dozen drop-offs today and lost nearly 2hrs worth of data.



I think I may have figured this out - the only time it occurs is when I’m in the office. My desk is physically in between the sense device and my router. I’ve been casting from my desktop to my Google home (also on the desk). Connections seem to be spotty whenever I’m casting…


Is this a new phenomenon for you?

From talking with Alex and others, it sounds like your home network’s bandwidth could be getting overloaded causing dropouts.


New in the sense that I’ve only recently been working out of my office and casting to a Google Home device on my office desk.

We have 3 other Google Homes around the house, and a few Chromecasts as well, but none of the rest are at the same “density” around the router. We cast all the time from other locations and have not seen the problem otherwise. For example, at night we cast white noise to bedroom speakers, which are run by amps powered off of a Chromecast in a media closet.

I agree it’s probably related to bandwidth, but it’s independent of running my office computer and dependent on casting from said computer to the Home on the desk. Easy fix - plug in a cheap speaker instead of casting.

/I’ve not yet tried casting to somewhere else from the computer, but it would be a good control experiment :wink:

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