Data drops and Wi-Fi interferences

I can’t recall if I’ve read this here before or not, but thought I’d share the information.

I’ve been working in my home office for the past week or so, and have been seeing frequent data drops on Sense during the day. My office desk is physically in between my Sense and my router.

It was initially assumed to be AWS problems, but it persisted over a few days. One commonality - the drops only occurred during days I was in the office, led me to try to track it down. So far, it seems to be a result of interference created by casting music from my desktop to my Google home, and it’s an intermittent disruption.

For those experiencing intermittent drop-offs, check for Wi-Fi signal level interference - I believe microwaves may also hurt Senses signaling if they’re betwixt the Sense and your router, which someone posted on a while back.